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Our newly formed company was established with the aim to spread and to acquaint the hungarian wines in Denmark. We believe that the quality of hungarian wines do not get enough credit and acknowledgement on the market. One reason could be the years of socialism, because before World War II, hungarian wines were recognized as one of the most famous and best wines in the world. 

”Wine of Kings, King of Wines”
Louis XV, the king of France said the following to his lover, Madame de Pompadur, after offering a glass of Tokaji Aszú to her: „Vinum Regum, Rex Vinorum (Wine of Kings, King of Wines)”. But he was not the first who talked highly about this wine. This expression of the wine already appeared in the Royal Menu during Louis XIV.

The Decanter World Wine Award is the world’s largest and most prestigious wine competition. Based on the requirements of the british market, in 32 categories, more than 10.000 items were qualified for the event. The Sauska Cuveé 5, Villány in the category of „Bordeaux wines above 15 pounds” was absolut winner, beating all the french, italian, chilean, austrailian, californian and all other Bordeaux type wines, which were on the competition. The Decanter World Wine Award’s this years competition more hungarian wineries were present. Beside the Sauska wineries success, there were 30 other wineries end up with 6 gold, 14 silver, 22 bronze-medal, moreover received 23 special-awards.
In our wine selection we would like to make all wines available from the best hand-made wines to the best traditional larger-scale wines. We created a  Webshop which makes it available for you to discover the wide range of wine selection under the Wine Shop menu option.
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