ImageWine For You, Barta winery
Wine For You, Barta winery

Heimann Zoltán  and his wife, Ágnes have left their respective careers as successful economists to return to viticulture and winemaking. Since 1990 they have reorganized the family estate. The commitment to vineyards has become once again an essential part of our family culture. In 2009 they decided to move to Szekszárd so that they could dedicate all their efforts to running the estate.
The Szekszárd appellation covers the easternmost stretches of the Transdanubian Hills. The thick loess soil of the slopes produces round wines with elegant, fruity aromas. The Mediterranean influence makes the autumns warm and sunny enabling us to harvest at optimal ripeness.
Due to these conditions international varieties like Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Syrah became very popular in the 1990s. But we also have high hopes for our local varieties, Kékfrankos (aka. Blaufränkisch) and Kadarka, which seem to respond really well to the challenges posed by the extreme weather conditions of recent years. We believe that the future of our estate lies with local varieties, and our increasing commitment to them is reflected in the structure of our new plantings and viticultural experiments.
Their aim is to transform Szekszárd into an internationally recognized, high-end wine region capable of appealing to the most sophisticated and curious wine lovers.

The daily operation of the Family Estate is characterized by accumulated wisdom, traditional accuracy and youthful vigour. In all key issues decisionmaking and responsibility lies with the family members.

Zoltán is responsible for strategy and overseeing investments and plantings. He also acts as a host at most of our wine tastings. Ági is responsible for the winemaking, the harvest, the administration and contributes to the entertainment of our guests. Zoltán Jr. studied at the best European universities for viticulture and enology: Geisenheim, Montpellier, Bordeaux and Udine. After 6 years of studies, he is gradually taking over the control over viticulture and winemaking responsibilities. His younger brother Gábor is studying medicine in Munich, and is doing his best to make our wines popular in his circle of friends.

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ImageWine For You 2HA
Wine For You 2HA

The 2HA Vineyard and Winery is a butique winery in the Badacsony wine region, started with 2ha on the exeptional St. George mountain, is located at the north side of Lake Balaton, now cultivating 4ha vineyard. The 2x2ha size of  the vineyard guarantee, that all the vines are cutivated with special, personal treatement, and we are able to produce the best wines ut of it.We are convinced that these lands are qualified for the hihtest quality. Our aim is simple. We want to create the best by any means – the rest is not important.
Based on our phylosophy, not the present what matters, but the never ending journey.
Our wines are aged exclusively in wood barrels, most of them fermented in wood as well. In terms of natural winemaking, we do avoid any vinification techniques damaging the original aromas of the wine. We do not fine and filter none of our wines, even our white wines are unfiltered, bottling is according to the moon calendar.

Under the best 5 hungarian reds ( 16 points) 2 was made in the 2HA cellar according to Gault Millau 2016.

Our home, the St. George Mountain,  lays in the Protected “Balatonfelvidéki” National Park. The vineyard lies on a volcanic hill, the base soil consists mainly of volcanic heritage and the “Pannon” marine deposit. There are significant microclimatic differences in the mountain’s main climate. Since the mountain blocks the northern winds its south side is dominated by sub-mediterranean characteristics.

Crop lands:
– 1.2 hectare of Welschriesling, 30-year-old vine-stocks, 3.5 x 1.2 m
– 0.5 hectare of Pinot Gris, 30-year-old vine-stocks, 3.5 x 1.2 m
– 0.4 hectare of Cabernet Franc, planted in 2005, 2.35 x 0.6 m (twin vines)
– 0.4 hectare Sangiovese Grosso, planted in 2005, 2.35 x 0.6 m (twin vines)
– 0.5 hectare  Shiraz, planted in 2008, 2.35 x 0.55 m (twin vines)
– 0.5 hectare  Merlot, planted in 2008, 2.35 x 0.55 m (twin vines)

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ImageWine For You, Sauska
Wine For You, Sauska

The Szent Tamás Vineyards and Winery is led by István Szepsy Jr. We cultivate vines in eleven vineyards located mostly in Mád village, however we have parcels also in Tállya, Rátka and Tarcal. „The structure and the size of the estate is determined for the creation of highest quality   wines. We want to be worthy of the philosphy of the vignerons of Mád. Our aim is to   introduce new techniques and winemaking methods to the wines of the area whilst remaining   true to the real values of the area.  And if we can achieve our aims, this will allow us to   heighten even further the recognition of the vineyards of Mád within Tokaj region. Our reasons behind choosing these old vineyards is that Szent Tamás Winery want to   produce real and unique terroir wines. In order to achieve this, we need vines in good   condition and at least 20-25 years old. We carry out an extreme greenharvest and we look   after our vines if they were our children. Our team is made up of young local people. Perfectly   ripe and healthy grapes is our aim, at whatsoever cost. We are continually learning the   potential of our vines, because we have never worked with many parts of the vineyards. After   three years we already see more or less what each vineyard might achieve in the long term.   We produce three categories: dry wines, aszú made with bunches with high concentration,   and pure aszú making. Our dry wines are released as single vineyard wines. We have been   experimenting with sparkling wine since 2009.We will soon find out after many long years if  it has been worth the wait. I seriously believe in the potential of Furmint to produce Sparkling   Wine. Szent Tamás Winery is member of Mádi Kör, and cultivates the vine according to the   strict order of Mádi Kör.

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ImageWine For You, Sabar
Wine For You, Sabar

Unique wine experiences, at affordable prices

Sabar Hill is the smallest hill of the Balaton-Highlands region, standing 217 meters’ tall, near the village of Káptalantóti, just a few miles from Lake Balaton, the largest lake of Central Europe. The winery was named after the Sabar Hill, because the cellar and most of its vineyards are at the foot of the hill. Sabar Winery was established in the fall of 2009 by Gábor Ádám, economist and enthusiastic wine-lover. Sabar wines is recommended for those wine enthusiasts who are looking for small production of high quality wines and great value for money.  Sabar Winery makes international style, crystal clear and fruity terroir wines. The goals of Gábor Ádám, the leader of Sabar Wine House is to create high-quality wines, building the local community and also the reputation of Badacsony wine region in Hungary and abroad.

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ImageWine For You, Ikon
Wine For You, Ikon

IKON Winery is situated in Radpuszta, near Balatonlelle among exceptionally beautifull hills, sout of lake Balaton. The vineyards of Radpuszta had belonged to the Benedictine Abbey of Tihany for centuries. One of the founders of the winery is the well-known enologist Janos Konyari, whose expertise is the guarantee of the high standard of the wines. Currently, IKON Winery comprises 39 hectares of the following sort: Cabernet Saugvinon, cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah, pinot Noir. Whites wines are made with the cooperation between the winery and local vine-growers.

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ImageWine For You, Konyári
Wine For You, Konyári

The Konyari family have a deep respect for environment and try to add to the sustainable development with the following steps:
The Gravity Flow technology does not only improve the quality of the wine but also saves energy.
With a careful architectural design there is no need for air conditioning in the cellar and the building.
The vineyards are cultivated with a minimum of spraying and according to the very strict regulations of the EU programme The New Rural Development Strategy Plan of Hungary (NRDSP).
In addition, the family has planted 3 hectares of oak, in exchange for the oak barrels used at the winery.

It is a family winery led by two generations: János Konyári and his son, Daniel. János Konyári was already a big name in the business by the time he opened his family winery in 2002. His wines first appeared in the market at the beginning of the 1990s, and he was the first to introduce barrique barrel aging in Hungary, and the first to make top reds in the South Balaton region. Dániel, after finishing university in 2000 spent the next years in South Africa, California, New Zealand and Italy with the aim of studying the technology of winemaking.

Nowadays, Konyári wines are made together by father and son. Their first cabernet, called Sigillum Loliense was a big surprise in Hungary and in Bordeaux, it won a silver medal in Bruxelles and a bronze medal at the Challenge International du Vin. Their merlot from 2003, named Sessio won a gold medal at Bruxelles.

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